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Windows 11 In India – The New Update On Windows 10 ( Release Date? )

Windows 11
Windows 11

Windows 11 Microsoft Official Link: Get It

Hardware requirements:

To install or upgrade to Windows 11, devices must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or above ( 2 cores Min) 64-bit processor
  • RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB).
  • Storage: 64 GB*.
  • Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later.
  • System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable.
  • Display: High definition (720p) display, 9″.

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Complete Review Of Windows 11:

So here we are talking about windows 11 which is just coming in a little time, first of all, this Windows 11 will be changed from the previous Windows window 10 Window 8 and 7 because it has very dark and deep coloring it have completely new layout new look new design like the task for menus are in the center down there not like old Windows on the left side but you can just grab them anywhere you want you can customize everything in this window, And it will keep changing with time when the update will come and more updates will come to keep upgrading and giving more good look better look and will be more comfortable to users.

If you are using Windows 10 right now and you are meeting the requirements of Windows 11 then you will get an update on your Windows 10 which will be for upgrading to Windows 11 from your current Windows 10 it will be so easy that will get the Windows 11 for free and without any e doing extra work, what you should first read the requirements and check if your PC is meeting them or not, like Windows 7 requires minimum 1 GHz processor which must have two cores and it requires 4GB of Ram a graphics card which should support DirectX 12 and total size of 64 GB but if we get more future updates then will get up to more than 100 GB required for this window completely, so these are the photo requirements for Windows 11.

New Features And Multi-Destops:

Let’s talk about the new features and what you can get done easily in this Windows 11 more than the previous Windows, so the first thing is that if you click on any item or folder anything in your computer or PC then you will see some extra icon is up there like you will see but I can copy I can move I can which will be on the top and with some new design and new icons which looks so good so it will be easy to use then the previous Windows-like everyone can use this window is very because it has clearly shown all the icons. And if you try to open the menu of a window or the search bar off the window then you will see just don’t below the search your most favorite apps you are top apps, so you can access them so easily from there, and they must be all the previous things you are required in Windows like control panels and settings and everything you will get there at the man you just don’t below the search box. The most unique thing we have signed this  Windows 11 is that it has an option or feature of Creating multiple desktops on the same PC like you can just too many many works together at one time but you can do it separately like on different desktops like on one you are using Chrome and something and at the other end you are doing your Microsoft Word for anything you can do separately every work, so this was the best update for now of this Windows 11.

Windows 11
Windows 11

Widgets And Layout:

Now let’s talk about the widgets of this Windows 11 so you will get all the widgets of previous Windows + some new widgets to like weather and sports widgets and calendar time clock everything you will get there but something is changed like the icons the layout the coloring and you can just drag them anywhere you want and resize them and you can just manage them which one you want to add and which one you don’t want to add to your main screen and you can get some extra widgets from the search too.

Here we will talk about one more new thing which we can get in this Windows 11 hour in the previous Windows we open any browser or anything we have to drag it up there to top so it will get a full screen or to the down bottom left or right to snap it to the left or right, there is an extra layout and the most common layouts available already you can choose anyone from them any layout you like you can easily choose and just reply that and you forget the Desire screen.

Personalization And Settings:

There is something more new in this Windows 11, one thing is that the corner of the items or icons are rounded now before it was in square size but now everything is rounded from the corners which looks so good and smooth, the coloring inside the folders are also a bit of dark now and if you talk about the settings of the new layout of these Windows 11 then it’s also changed from the previous Windows, now you will have everything just organized perfectly one by one on the settings you will get everything of your PC or laptop just perfectly there one by one so easily you can choose any setting you want like from display graphics settings to storage settings, battery setting, sound setting, multi-tasking, sharing setting, power setting, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi everything you will get there. And if we talked about the personalization of this window then you can get many many backgrounds and layouts and things you want it and many many colors for everything you want you can put a different color as you like this time in Windows you will get so different and unique color which looks so awesome.


And if it talks in the background all the time about the security of this Windows 11 then it has fully new updated and very strong Security System inside there it has a virus and threat protection and it has a built-in scanner and it will keep running but it won’t take too much CPU from you which was before in previous Windows. If we talk about the gaming performance of Window then it is so good at gaming like it have and fully updated Play Store or gaming store it have HDR supported games every game will be able to play at HDR graphics and there are many games are available like it also have Xbox chemical and Android games there you can play anyone in one with HDR graphics.

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