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Apple’s IPad Mini 6, IPhone 13 & Apple Watch 7 Review

Apple Launched Best Products: Iphone 13, Ipad Mini6, MacBook Pro 2021 And IOS 15

Iphone 13, Apple Ipad Mini 6, Apple
Apple launched Iphone 13, Apple Ipad Mini 6, Apple Watch 7 And Airpods 3

As you people know that there was an event on 14 of September 2021 in which year Apple launched so many products and the best of them, in that event firstly, Apple launched the new Apple iPhone 13 for which the true iPhone lovers were going crazy, 2nd they launched iPad Mini 6 for which many gamers were just waiting so badly, and 3rd if you love couple watches then you will be happy that Apple just launched their new watch which is Apple watch 7.

There are some more things Apple launched they launched MacBook Pro M1X and they also launched iPad Pro 2021 which will be a surprise for gaming lovers and Apple just released the latest version of their Operating System which is Apple OS 15.

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1. Iphone 13:

What do you want to hear about the new iPhone 13?, I will tell you some new features of it and I will tell you about the design and about the changes from the previous iPhone 12 and all models, this iPhone 13 is having a totally different design compared to the iPhone 12 because Apple has given some new look to the front of the phone.

Iphone 13:
Iphone 13:

Screen And Notch:

The screen of this phone is just pushed till to the bottom of the phone, let us just find the complete screen on the front and there will be e one more thing on the front side which is a notch on the top of the phone or above the screen, this will have you all these things, one is Apple true depth camera system, secondly you will have an IR Camera and flood illuminator and you will also have a dot projector and these things will make your face ID work so accurately, And this little nose I will also have your speakers, microphone and all the sensors in the phone.

In this iPhone 13 Technology, this small notch that apple made is very magical because it is just consuming 35 mm of space in the front of the phone which is so little but it is having so many huge things which will just do a lot of work.

120 Hertz Screen:

There’s a big surprise for mobile Gamers because this iPhone 13 is having a screen of 120 Hz refresh rate, which will enable you to play any game with 120 FPS, you will think what will higher refresh rate do for us but let me tell you that if you are using any phone having 60 Hz refresh rate and you are using a phone has 120 Hz refresh rate you’ll just feel a lot of different the screen of 120hz phone will be two times more quicker than the 60 Hz phone.

In Gaming:

If you are playing any game with 60fps and you are playing with 120 there will be a lot of differences like the game will be so smoother on 120 as compared to the 60fps and also the reactions of your game will be so quick there will be no delay or anything that can annoy you.


Everyone knows that Apple was the best for its cameras there is no one that can compete with Apple by there camera performance so this iPhone 13 or its pro version which will be iPhone 13 Pro has large sensors for the cameras which simply means that you will get more high-quality pictures there is a new feature to which is stabilizing technology which will be available in both iPhone 13 from x and iPhone 13 and also you will get portrait video feature.

For all these functions and latest features, a phone must need a super high-performing processor which should be powerful enough to manage all these functions and features at a time so this iPhone13 will have a more powerful processor than before.

Iphone 13:
Iphone 13:

Always On Display:

Let’s talk about the new feature in the iPhone 13 which is an always-on display it means if you are not interacting with your phone you are sitting far and you want to watch the screen or notifications or clock we can just do it without touching the screen or keeping it on because it has this mode which will keep the screen always on, this feature was missing in Apple old models but now this iPhone 13 will include it.


Every time Iphone’s were just defeated because of their battery by other brands, but this time iPhone 13 will have a larger battery which means that you can do all the stuff for a long long time without getting disturbed by low battery, one thing in Apple that Apple never tells the battery capacity of their phones they never mention anything about it but this time Apple just mention that the battery timing of this phone is better than the old version of the Apple phones but as you know that apple always has better power management so if the batteries are small still the phone will work for good but this time with the larger battery it will work longer.

Amazon $829.00 (All Countries)

2. Ipad Mini 6:

Ipad Mini 6:
Ipad Mini 6:


So this iPad Mini 6 is having some major changes from the older Apple iPad, first of all, the design is just completely new this design will be similar to the iPad Pro and iPad Air which will have no home button it will just have a touch id power button same like the iPad Air which will be on top of the iPad any 6.

USB C-Port:

It will have a USB C port it may have smart connectors which you can use with a magic keyboard and also it will have volume buttons on the top of the iPad.

Apple Pencil:

This iPad Mini 6 will have a smaller Apple pencil which is just a new feature in iPad and if you talk about the chip of this iPad then it is having a14 chip inside which iPhone 12 is having, this cheap is quite powerful so don’t need to upgrade.

Screen and Display:

The new iPad Mini 6 will have a 12.9-inch display which will be a liquid retina XDR display, many rumors websites said that this iPad Mini 6 will have a mini LED display but it’s not true this iPad won’t have any Mini LED display but for maybe next versions of iPad Pro will have like 2021 iPad Pro have it. Police officer Dam

Amazon $584.95 (All Countries)

3. Apple Watch 7:

Apple Watch 7:
Apple Watch 7:

So Apple has just introduced its new Apple watch 7 what do you guys think about this new Apple Watch 7? Lemme tell you what’s new in this apple watch 7 and what’s key features of it.


The first thing it has is its new design this apple watch 7 will have some flat kind of design and also flats sides which iPhone 12 has and also iPad Pro has. This flat design of watch seven will just make the watch thickness more noticeable the watch will look more thick and solid as compared to the current models which are having curved edges.

Thickness And Slimness:

There’s another big thing which I will tell you about this apple watch 7 that it is is 1.7mm thinner as compared to Apple Watch 6 Series. It has a solid digital Crown inside which is a bit thinner than old versions of apple watches and also has a thinner clock Bezel.


This apple watch 7 comes with an enlarged display compared to the other apple watch series, it has 40-44mm and 41-45 mm displays which is a big improvement in Apple watches with a wider display.


If you want to know about the performance of this watch then it has a new S7 chip inside it which will have a Double-sided design which will take less space than before, also Apple has improved their wireless connectivity performance of this watch for Wi-Fi and cellular in networking, it has a new U1 ultra-wideband chip which will improve the responsiveness of these watches.


The speaker of this watch is just merged into the sides of the watch which is larger than before and will give a louder sound.

Color And Price:

The color of this watch will be green aluminum and the price of this watch will be 399$.

Amazon $349.00 (All Countries)

4. MacBook Pro M1X:

MacBook Pro M1X:
MacBook Pro M1X:

Performance And Chipset:

So Apple just leaves the new MacBook M1X Macbook Pro which will be the best of all my books there will be two versions of this mac-book one is 14-inch the other one is 16-inch both of these MacBooks will have the same chipset as you know previously there was a difference between both versions of Macbooks like the smaller version was having little CPU and GPU performance as compared to the larger version of MacBook but this time this difference just vanishes.

Mini LED Display:

This MacBook m1x Pro will come with a mini LED display which will provide better contrast as compared to the normal or standard LED screens but this Mini LED display won’t be better than the OLED screens. 

No Touch Bars:

In this MacBook, you won’t see any touch bar because Apple just removed it and replaced it with a pencil dock which will able the Macbook screen to close if it had the pencil inside.

Release Date:

The 14-inch version of the MacBook Pro will be having a model number A-2442 and the 16-inches version will be having a model number A-2485. These both Macbooks will be launched in October.

Amazon $584.95 (All Countries)

1. 14-inch Macbook Pro M1X Specs:

14-inch Macbook Pro M1X
14-inch Macbook Pro M1X

The 14 inch MacBook Pro will have a 120 Hz Mini LED screen + 2560×1600 (QHD display) and 1080p Facetime camera also touch ID keyboard and an m1x SoC chipset it will have 8 to 16 GB RAM and 256GB to 2TB storage. It will have a 60 WH battery which can work up to 20 hours. It will have an HDMI port + SD port USB-C and many other things and the color of this Macbook will be silver or Space Grey.


So this time the price of the 14-inch version will be a bit higher as compared to the previous 13 versions of the MacBook. The price of 14 inch m1x MacBook Pro will be starting from 2000$.

Amazon $584.95 (All Countries)

2. 16-inch Macbook Pro M1X Specs:

14-inch Macbook Pro M1X
14-inch Macbook Pro M1X

The 16-inch version of this MacBook will be having a screen refresh rate of 120Hz and a screen resolution of 3072×1920 (QHD Display), a 1080p FaceTime camera, a touch ID keyboard, and a chipset of M1X SoC. It will have 16 to 64 GB RAM and 512GB to 8TB of storage. It will have a 100Wh battery which can work up to 15 hours and it has 30 days standby time. It comes with a USB C, MagSafe, HDMI + SD, and ThunderBolt 4 ports. The color of this 16 inches MacBook Pro will be the same as the 14 inches green and Space Grey and the price will be e around $2400

Performance And Cores:

Apple M1Untitled Apple Chip
High-performance cores48
Energy-efficient cores42
Graphics Cores7 / 816 / 32
Amazon $1,949.99 (All Countries)

5. Ipad Pro 2021:

Apple just released the new iPad Pro 2021 the screen size of this iPad is only 11 inches and 12.9 inches but Apple A has just put so much power inside this little machine it has and magic keyboard as you know everyone is nowadays an iPad Pro lover because iPad Pro is better than any other iPad in gaming and any other editing work you need to do it have better performance and more processing power than other iPads.

Ipad Pro 2021:
Ipad Pro 2021:

Processing Power:

The reason to buy this iPad is that it has some future technologies like it has full-screen display it has insane processing power even it won’t get it up if you put so much stress on it even using it for the whole day.

Specifications And Stuffs:

It has a face ID, 120 Hz display, 4 stereo speakers Wide Angle front-facing camera and it also has some thunderbolt ports.


IPad Pro just shares the same Chip as Mac OS but it doesn’t support the Mac OS it’s a version of Mac OS which is made for touch devices. It also doesn’t support external screen functions.

Amazon $1,099.99 (All Countries)

Specifications Ipad Pro 12-inch:

Weight: 682g
Dimensions: 280.6 x 214.9 x 6.4mm
Display size: 12.9-inch
Display type: Liquid Retina XDR Mini LED LCD
Resolution: 2048 x 2732
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Chipset: Apple M1
RAM: 8GB / 16GB
Storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB
OS: iPadOS 14.5
Rear camera: 12MP + 10MP + ToF
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: N/A


128GB Wi-Fi$1,099£999$1,649
128GB Wi-Fi and cellular$1,299£1,149$1,899
256GB Wi-Fi$1,199£1,099$1,799
256GB Wi-Fi and cellular$1,399£1,249$2,049
512GB Wi-Fi$1,399£1,299$2,099
512GB Wi-Fi and cellular$1,599£1,449$2,349
1TB Wi-Fi$1,799£1,649$2,699
1TB Wi-Fi and cellular$1,999£1,799$2,949
2TB Wi-Fi$2,199£1,999$3,299
2TB Wi-Fi and cellular$2,399£2,149$3,549

6. Apple’s Upcoming (OS) 15:

Apple's Upcoming (OS) 15:
Apple’s Upcoming (OS) 15:

Different Welcome Screen:

Apple just release the new IOS 15 the first thing you will see in this IOS 15 is the new welcome screen which will be saying hello or something with handwriting.

Text From Camera:

The second thing on this IOS 15 iPhone very cool is the text from camera features that if you are typing something and you just click on the blank space there will be an option that pops up saying text from the camera and you can just click on it and it will just copy everything from the camera picture or anything written there.


The third thing I have found pretty Cool is that Memoji feature which will just make funny emojis and cool stuff, And you can customize your character and face with different kinds of stuff like hair colors and eye colors and glasses also a beard.

Apple's Upcoming (OS) 15
Apple’s Upcoming (OS) 15

FaceTime Feature:

You will get and FaceTime feature In this IOS 15 which will able you to share anything in real-time with anyone your friend or anyone on a call if you are watching any video you can just share it with your friend at the same time you both watch and you can also share your screen with this feature.

LiveText Feature:

This IOS 15 is having another cool feature which is called life text, with this feature you can just pick any image and you can just select the text from that image and copy it anywhere you want and then you can paste it and send it to anyone like you don’t need to read type the text from any image you can just copy the image select the image do whatever you want to do with it.

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