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Boosting MacBook for Gaming: 5 Suggestions to Consider

Boosting MacBook for Gaming: 5 Suggestions to Consider

MacBooks might not be the best option for video games, but that does not mean you should discard the idea of gaming on your Mac.

The stigma around Apple’s computers has been present for many years regarding video games, but it should not be taken at face value as much.

Over time, Apple put a lot of effort into improving their devices, focusing a lot on hardware. As such, we have more optimized computers.

Having said that, you are still likely to run into some performance issues while playing video games on your MacBook, especially if the model is not brand new. 

Thankfully, there are ways to optimize the performance and improve the overall experience with video games on macOS. The purpose of this article is to discuss methods to optimize performance.

Cleaning the Dust

Let’s start with the dust that accumulates inside a laptop. As a MacBook owner, you might be reluctant to take the device apart to clean the dust because you are afraid of damaging it. Understandable, but not justifiable enough to neglect the dust problem.

If you do not want to do the job yourself, have a professional do it for you. After cleaning the dust, you will notice a significant improvement in Mac’s performance, which will also affect the gaming aspect. Not to mention fewer issues with overheating and loud noises.

Freeing Up Disk Space

Some video games take a lot of drive space, and it does not help when you have a MacBook with a relatively low storage drive to boot. Since new models come with SSDs to prioritize performance, the available space is even less.

As such, you want to work on ways to free up the drive space constantly. The obvious one is to delete video games that you finish or no longer play because the option to install them later exists.

A similar thing can be said about applications. They are not as space-consuming as video games, but getting rid of redundant apps still helps.

Next, there is temporary system junk, such as cache, and getting a cleanup utility tool is the go-to option for it because you do not want to tinker with important files and system settings. Feel free to check out the list for some of the best available uninstallers on macOS and get one for yourself.

If you are someone who likes to hoard media files on the computer, get rid of this habit and switch to streaming platforms instead. 

Finally, you have the option to transfer some files to external storage. Both iCloud (as well as other cloud storage services) and a hard drive or a USB flash stick work great as a location to keep some of the computer files.

Quitting Background Processes

It is recommended to check Activity Monitor and find out which background processes are consuming the most resources.

For instance, if you are playing a video game and have redundant applications running in the background, do not expect to have a positive gaming experience. A struggling MacBook will encounter even more problems if there are unnecessary processes running in the background.

Sure, there might be some exceptions, such as antivirus software, but if you forget to quit an app after using it or have startup items that load and go in the background after you boot the computer, it is necessary to remember that you need to check Activity Monitor on a regular basis.

Decluttering the Desktop

Another source of potential resource hog is the desktop clutter. Many computer users like to keep documents and various shortcuts on the desktop. The issue is not as common on Macs because they have the Dock to launch apps from, but it does not mean that the desktop is clear.

If you want a more optimal performance on a MacBook, spend a bit of time getting rid of items on the desktop and transferring them to another location. 

It might take a while to get used to the new arrangement, but you will appreciate it while trying to play video games or doing other activities on your Mac.

Checking for Malware

The malware problem is not as prominent if you use macOS rather than another operating system. Thanks to regular updates and effort from Apple engineers, MacBook users do not have to worry about cybersecurity threats as much.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the problem is not there. You still need to check by running regular scans on the computer’s drive. Use reliable antivirus software and do more than just have it run in the background. 

As soon as the anti-malware tool finds a corrupted file, do not hesitate and remove the data so that it no longer affects the MacBook’s system.

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