How To Get Whatsapp Web On Desktop, Laptop Or Tablet

How To Get and Download Whatsapp Web On Desktop, Laptop
How To Get and Download Whatsapp Web On Desktop, Laptop

Whatsapp is one of the biggest social application used all over the world with over 10Billion users, and on daily basis, it sends a total of 100Billion chats which is a very large or infinite number, WhatsApp is bought by Facebook last year now it is owned by Facebook. Facebook also have bought Instagram same as WhatsApp so these two apps are now the property of Facebook but WhatsApp is still ad-free.

The above picture is showing the interface of WhatsApp web which is widely used by PC, laptop, and tablets users mostly and also many iPad and MacBook users use it on daily basis.

You will be able to send messages and videos etc to all of your contacts and also you can call through it anywhere from your PC or laptop, but for this internet access to phone is must without that you won’t able to get logged in.

How we will get whatsapp web on our PC, tablet, or laptop?

Here we will show you how can you use and also download the WhatsApp web application into your PC, tablet, or laptop, or any other device you have step by step.

1. First Goto

2. You should have your phone or any device which has WhatsApp logged in there for the first time only.

3. Open WhatsApp on your phone/device.

4. Click these 3 dots/options button and go to Linked devices.

How To Get and Download Whatsapp Web On Desktop, Laptop
How To Get and Download Whatsapp Web On Desktop, Laptop

5. After going into your WhatsApp linked devices there you will find an option to link a new device just click that.

6. It will open your phone camera which will be a QR Code reader so just hold the camera to your PC or laptop screen for 2 seconds and done you are logged in.

7. If you want to download WhatsApp web into your laptop or PC just click the link below and download it.

For PC & Laptops:

For Android & Tablets Users:

For Iphone & Ipads Users:

  • Top 8 WhatsApp features to be launch in 2022
    • 1. You can Hide your ‘last seen’ from specific contacts
    • 2. Delete Sent Message at anytime(no restrictions)
    • 3. Multiple-device support
    • 4. New community features
    • 5. WhatsApp logout Option or Multiple accounts login at a time
    • 6. Instagram Reels will be available on WhatsApp
    • 7. Read later any message (as reminder)
    • 8. WhatsApp Insurance

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