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Hyper-X Gaming Headphones – Latest Top 4 Gaming headphones

As we all know hyper x is very popular because of its standard construction, hyper x makes a gaming headset is mostly wired base with the best and a good quality microphone. Which sounds great, and its wired models offer a great gaming experience in less time.

HyperX provides a series of excellent headsets for all types of users with various functions. HyperX is known for its affordable comfort and quality, and it forces certain competitors (such as Turtle Beach) to participate in certain HyperX structural designs, making their prices fall within the same price range.. The company offers some of the best Xbox One headsets and the best PC gaming headsets. But which one should you buy? We’ve split the four best HyperX headsets with different unique features, but the best one is the HyperX CloudX, which brings you a strong and comfortable body with excellent sound quality.

Hyper X Cloud X

hper x cloudx

HyperX has just announced a partnership with Microsoft in January to create officially licensed Xbox One headsets. HyperX CloudX has a sturdy silver aluminum frame, a black matte finish that complements the Xbox Elite wireless controller, a similar setup, and a special packaging box with a sturdy casing for protection and easy operation. According to the award-winning HyperX Cloud II, CloudX can be fully immersed in 100% paper and headband, and provides clear audio from a 53mm large drive, thereby providing the same comfort level, allowing players to participate in Hour X-One game time, Windows , Mobile devices and other comfort features.

With the help of hyper X CloudX online controls, we can adjust the volume or mute the microphone to cancel audio directly on the cable. In addition, TeamSpeak certification and compliance with Discord, Skype, Ventrilo, Mumble, and RaidCall can also enhance the chat experience. The only real disadvantage of Cloud X is that it lacks other customization or other features, such as a microphone monitor or 7.1 surround sound. In any case, if you need to reduce all the basic solutions at an affordable price, do not choose it.

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HyperX Cloud Revolver S
Best For PC

hyper x cloud revolver s

If you take gaming seriously, you need a headset that can give you the greatest competitive advantage. The HyperX Cloud Revolver product line is high-end equipment, which is carefully designed to meet the needs of elite PC or game console players. HyperX Cloud Revolver S is available in plug-and-play virtual Dolby Surround 7.1 audio. No software is required. The simulated 7-position speaker provides precise distance and depth sound, allowing you to hear all footsteps, explosions, and gunshots as clearly as a movie.

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The advanced USB digital signal processing sound card can handle all content and provide consistent, high-quality sound, no matter what system you play it on. It uses the same robust flex-free plastics, dense construction, and metal parts to complete the solid feel package. The headband across the top float, automatically adapts to any head shape, with premium leatherette earcups that feel high against your skin.

The only real disadvantage of Cloud Revolver S is that the 7.1 surround sound injector is only compatible with PCs, while consoles and mobile gamers are only 3.5mm. In this case, please select another headset from this list

HyperX Cloud Flight:

hyper x cloud flight
hyper X Cloud Flight

The HyperX Cloud Flight is a good wireless gaming headset, Eliminate cable connection restrictions and roam freely via wireless HyperX Cloud Flight. With a stable gaming-grade wireless connection, an incredible 30 hours of battery life, and the iconic HyperX comfort, Cloud Flight allows you to play games for long periods of time without interference. Use HyperX NGenuity software to easily monitor your battery level.

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In order to maintain a reasonable price, HyperX has compromised on several aspects of Cloud Flight: build quality. The sound field is not as impressive as other HyperX headsets. It not only hinders immersion, but also has a negative impact on tactical competition. However, the sound quality is usually better, especially when compared to the sounds of smaller brands.

Hyper X Cloud Alpha

hyper x cloud alpha
Hyper X Cloud Alpha

Unlike products of the same level, HyperX 3.5mm Cloud Alpha has dual-chamber speakers and audio tuning features and seems to give priority to immersion. Cloud Alpha has the same manufacturing quality as the best HyperX headsets, and the comfortable, airy, and compact structure can provide average audio beyond the price range. For those who need outdoor sets, these headphones may seem a bit bulky, but they are perfect for indoor gamers. In addition, please use removable cables and microphones to ensure that your headset can be used for a long time.

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Frankly speaking, this is a well-designed feature of HyperX and should only be replaced if the cable or microphone is damaged.

The thunderous explosions, thunderous cannon sounds, and clear reinstallation sounds provide strong evidence for Alpha’s audio quality. Alpha’s audio quality is impressive and unique in a wide range of applications. The sponge sound field is perfect for immersing yourself in the action with minimal distortion. However, even if the sound field is controlled by the bass explosion, you may still hear the enemy secretly struggling nearby.

The main possible disadvantage is that, unlike other existing headphones, Cloud Alpha’s equalization feature may not be suitable for tactical play.

Cloud II Wireless


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Cloud II Wireless has a sleek design and is stylish enough to match most gaming laptops since they have an understated “gaming” look. Their headsets stand about 4.5 inches high, while the built-in microphone has a rubber strap to keep it secure while you game. There’s a right-side volume slider and mute button that work with the HyperX Cloud software.

The mic can be detached for use in a solo gaming scenario, but it can also be used while the battery is charged and in use so that you don’t have to swap batteries while you’re charging the headset. A multipoint USB 2.0 audio port lets you plug in a separate headset, while a 3.5mm jack lets you use a standard audio cable if you don’t want to use the wireless mic.

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