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Just Cause 2 Highly Compressed Best PC Game – Download 246MB

Just Cause 2 Complete PC Game Download In Highly Compressed Size

Just Cause 2 Highly Compressed
Just Cause 2 Highly Compressed

Official Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 8800
  • OS: Windows Vista/7
  • Processor: Dual-Core CPU (Athlon 64 X2 4200/Pentium D @ 3 GHz)
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB Free
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX 10
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • DVD ROM Drive

Just Cause 2 Full PC Game Highly Compressed Download:


Outrides Full Game Review: Here

Game Review – Just Cause 2:

Here you can download this just cause 2 complete working pc games in highly compressed size only 246mbs and this is the best website for downloading the latest highly compressed pc games you can just come and enjoy all the games you want.

Till now you may have seen the crazy trailers and previews for Just Cause 2 (highly compressed) and we do mean crazy these videos promise a highly explosive rampage through a beautiful island a rampage that includes a wide range of weapons vehicles a grappling hook and a stunt parachute so is this a finely tuned action movie experience or is it an overblown massive Michael Bay proportions time to find out.


Just Cause 2 (highly compressed) continues the Adventures of super-agent Rico Rodriguez a field operative for the high-tech agency called the agency Rico’s mentor and friend Tom Sheldon goes missing on the scenic island of Pinal during the search Rico gets tangled up with the island’s corrupt dictator and three criminal factions that want nothing more than to topple that government, as you can probably tell the game doesn’t take itself very seriously and carries its over-the-top absurdity with pride the story in writing won’t win any awards but.

Like a Movie:

it’s fine as long as you accept that’s supposed to be a b-movie the best thing about the story is that it keeps the pacing up and quickly gets you from one fantastic action scene to the next just Cause 2 (highly compressed) is one gorgeous game Rico himself is very detailed but the real star of the show is the island, for the most part, you can travel to anything you see in the game and there is a lot to see the island is giant and diverse has everything from beaches to snow-capped mountains the scope is off the charts.

Open World Game:

Just Cause 2 (highly compressed) is really impressive that an open-world game like this runs so well as I said before this game embraces its over-the-top action movie routes and this aesthetic extends into everything explosions have a nice punch to them and the music is both epic and occasionally hilarious unfortunately not everything is as polished as it could be encountered a fair number of audio glitches.


While playing Just Cause 2 (highly compressed) most frequent among them is the stuttering of certain lines of dialogue especially after reloading a mission also the shortcut scenes before a mission starts are repetitive and a little shoddy some faction leader drives up tells you the mission and Reco silently stares down this equipment, not the most engaging of cinematics.


Just Cause 2 (highly compressed) is a blast to play the goal of the game is to put you right in the middle of spectacular action set-pieces that you’d find in the summer movie they’ll be jumping out of helicopters crashing cars detonating explosive surfing jet planes and tearing down statues there is a lot to do and destroy here it’s also an incentive for causing as much havoc as possible stir up enough chaos and you’ll be unlocking more missions and equipment you’re always unlocking and upgrading things in this game and that’s really satisfying.

Just Cause 2 Highly Compressed
Just Cause 2 Highly Compressed


However, I am disappointed that you don’t gain experience when you get soldiers there are a ridiculous amount of enemies to fight and they just keep respawning this can get aggravated especially when you feel like you’re just wasting ammo on them along those same lines the checkpoint system also has a few problems to speak of if you die during the mission you’re forced to travel all the way back to the starting point which can take a while you also lose all the items that you gained before you died when you combine this problematic checkpoint system with the respawning enemies.

Most Fun Game:

You can get irritated minor frustrations aside this is one of the most fun open-world games I’ve played in a long time the combat is good but the combination of Rico’sgrappling-hook and parachute really kicks it up a notch zipping around the island is awesome and you can do a number of incredible stunts missions can be approached in plenty of different ways and the game encourages you to get creative it needs to be repeated that there is a lot to do in this game there are hundreds of locations to find and each one has a number of goals to complete.

Crazy Experience:

If you’re crazy enough to 100%this game it will take you forever just Cause 2 (highly compressed) is a fantastic experience that absolutely must be played it isn’t perfect a few technical issues cutscenes and minor frustrations with the mission structure make sure of that however if you can look past these problems you’ll find a thrilling game that you’ll be able to sink an exorbitant amount of time into just remember that Rico Rodriguez is a professional please do not try these stunts at home for the written review head over to

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