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Logitech G203 Lightsync (Wired) – Best Gaming Mouse To Buy

Logitech G203 Lightsync
Logitech G203 Lightsync


  • Optimized lightings
  • Valuable sensor specs for the price
  • Very Cheap in price
  • Sharp left, right clicks
  • Low click latency


  • Cable isn’t very flexible
  • Heavy in weight
View on Amazon $19.99

Starting Details About Logitech G 203 light sync :

What’s up everyone to so do you need another gaming mouse do you need dependability in an attempted and tried plan incredible execution RGB all while keeping the expenses as low as could be expected under the circumstances well then you should stay as this may perhaps be the best financial plan well disposed Mouse of 2020 today we’re looking at the pristine however not really new Logitech G 203 light sync gaming mouse it has an RRP of $34.99 and is accessible from 2021 a subsequent by what means can it be pristine however not all that new well the G 203 light sync is a pristine delivery from Logitech.

However, it extends numerous things from past and Logitech mice that were famous for those models so the G 2 o 3 light sync helps us to remember the first G 100’s while keeping the unique plan recently found in the
other G 203 models and even like the Wireless G 305 too so we beautiful much have an indistinguishable Mouse to the G 203 wonder that delivered a couple of years prior there’s in a real sense only one change that has been made here and due to this I state it’s not generally another Mouse at all rather I see is all the more a revive for 2020.

Detail Review Of Logitech G 203 light sync :

Well, that is most certainly not essentially an awful thing as the past mice were very generally welcomed on the off chance that you didn’t have any acquaintance with them as of now so how about we hop into the review the bundle in proved unable to be any more essential it’s in a real sense simply a slender cardboard box and a sticker with the mouse inside the link is tied up as well and I was really dazzled to see a truly pleasant elastic completion on the link with definitely not a single wrinkle to be seen.

Elastic And Flexible:

Logitech G 203 light sync is a genuinely slight link yet it truly does feel very superior it is anything but a horrendously crude elastic that you find on certain mice, what’s more, it’s super, what’s more, it’s entirely flexible yet my top pick some portion of the link in the way that it’s 2.1 meters long so more than 2 meters makes me staggeringly cheerful.

As I generally see links are excessively short so for my work area arrangement I have a uniquely fabricated work area that I construct myself and I really have a gap cut for linking the executives I put my corrals down there and afterward kind, of course, them underneath the work area to the back of the PC and it is anything but a short separation so I generally think that its a touch of an issue.

FPS Games:

Anyway, for the G 203 light sink it was a breeze and furthermore having that elastic their man I had no obstacles in the work area either so this was magnificent as my day by day driver has a meshed texture link and it catches constantly to such an extent with the goal that I really utilize a remote mouse only for FPS gaming yet I had no issues at all with the light sink in those terms yet I will include that this mouse is wired just and the link can’t be eliminated.

Logitech G203 Lightsync
Logitech G203 Lightsync

Logitech G203 Lightsync – The Best Gaming Mouse for You

Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse Review Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Performance Is This Logitech G203 Lightsync Worth The Price?

Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse Overview

G203 features USP 1.1m cable length G104 sensor 1,500 DPI tracking speed 88.8mm design with 1.5mm grips Mice weight: 120 grams (without cable) Long-lasting batteries 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless support Has 3 multi-color LEDs Logitech G203 Lightsync Overview $49.99 (no tax in most US States) Impressions Fantastic price (and all of the above features for $50) makes this entry-level gaming mouse a very good value. Versatile design Adjustable DPI Good battery life Good build quality Configurable weight (you can set the mouse up for either right-handed or left-handed use) No unifying software for custom macros No wireless mode (until you use a USB dongle) Limited onboard storage for save data A shame that the G203 doesn’t use the USB 2.0 standard instead of USB 3.

Logitech G203 Lightsync Performance Review

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Is This Logitech G203 Lightsync Worth The Price?

Is This Logitech G203 Lightsync Worth The Price? The right gaming mouse is important. It’s an important part of how you play and who you play with. If you’re on the prowl for a gaming mouse then the G203 Lightsync from Logitech could be perfect for you. The keyboard/mouse combo has been a staple of gamers for a number of years. The right mouse has been required to have the right amount of precision, speed and also dexterity required for those speed races. The gaming mouse is, essentially, your ‘on-the-go brain. You play in a number of different ways, with different approaches to your gaming and you require the proper input device. G203 comes with the Logitech Gaming Software (G Suite) installed and ready to go.


I certainly wasn’t expecting this finally we have the DPI tab for choosing your affectability however there is something else entirely to it you can likewise program a dpi move speed that can be relegated to any fasten of your decision so on the off chance that you have your mouse setter state 1800 dpi you would then be able to press a fasten and have it drop straight down to 400 while you’re holding that button underneath you have your surveying rate settings too the programming looks clean and it is very instinctive.

it went consummately for me and everything was set right away with no way times you know to apply those settings it’s straightforward exceptionally viable and again at the cost point there’s a lot of choices to get stuck into for our testing I’ve been attempting my hardest to discover shortcomings with the g-20 three-line sync yet there truly isn’t any it’s to a greater degree an inclination thing a few dislike the elastic rope absence of finished holds or the lightweight feel yet, for me I had no issue it’s a decently little Mouse so I got a touch of pinky drag which could be viewed as a con yet it didn’t influence my interactivity at all nonetheless individuals with huge hands may discover it more regrettable and furthermore.

The sprung left and right catches could corrupt decently fast after some time, however, I can’t be a hundred pennies out of that at the cost purpose of 35 pounds I truly imagine that you’ll be hard pushed to discover a gaming mouse as all-around fabricated and as agreeable that proceeds just as the G 203 light sync with that RGB customization in any case if you’re not very complained about that much RGB.

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