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Intel Core i3-7100U Vs Intel Core i5-7200U – Comparison

Intel Core i3-7100U Vs Intel Core i5-7200U
Intel Core i3-7100U Vs Intel Core i5-7200U

Intel Core i3-7100U (2.40GHz) vs Intel Core i5-7200U (2.50GHz) Comparison & Benchmarks

Specification Comparison:

Info Intel Core i3-7100U Intel Core i5-7200U
Socket TypeFCBGA1356FCBGA1356
CPU ClassLaptopLaptop
Clockspeed2.4 GHz2.5 GHz
Turbo SpeedNot SupportedUp to 3.1 GHz
Number of Physical Cores2 Cores2 Cores
Number of Threads4 Threads 4 Threads
Max TDP15W15W

Extra Features Comparison:

Info Intel Core i3-7100U Intel Core i5-7200U
Intel V-ProNoNo
Intel Hyper-ThreadYesYes
Intel Virtualization (VTX)YesYes
Intel Directed I/O (VTD)YesYes
Intel Ext. Page Tables (EPT)YesYes
Intel TSX Sync. ExtensionsNoNo
Intel 64YesYes
Intel MyWiFiYesYes
Idle StatesYesYes
Enhanced SpeedStepYesYes
Thermal MonitoringTech.YesYes
Flex MemoryYesYes
Intel ID ProtectYesYes
Intel SIPPNoNo
Smart Response TechnologyYesYes
Intel AES New InstructionsYesYes
Intel Secure KeyYesYes
Intel SGXYesYes
Intel MPXYesYes
Intel OS GuardYesYes
Trusted ExecutionNoNo
Execution DisableYesYes

Intel Core i3-7100U


  • 10% higher PassMark As Compared To Intel Core i5-7200U
  • 64KB bigger L1 Cache Than Intel Core i5-7200U
  • Comes With More Latest OpenGL

Why You Should Buy?

  1. Low pricing Than Intel Core i5-7200U
  2. Good gaming Performance
  3. Little Power Consuming Than Other Intel CPU’s

Why You Should Not Buy?

  1. No Turbo Clock
  2. Not Overclockable



Frequency:3.9 GHz
Turbo Clock:Not Available
Base Clock:100 MHz
Multiplier Unlocked:No
TDP:15 W


Release Date:Jan 3rd, 2017
Codename:Kaby Lake
Generation:Intel’s Core 3rd gen
Part Number:SR35C
Memory Support:DDR4-2400 MHz – Dual-channel
ECC Memory:No
PCI-Express:Genaration 3 & 16 Lanes


Number of Cores:2
Number of Threads:4
SMP Number Of CPUs:1
Integrated Graphics:Intel HD 630 Graphics


Cache L1:64Kb
Cache L2:256Kb
Cache L3:3MB


Budget Gaming:

If you want a budget gaming pc with a good processor then go for the Intel Core i3-7100, because it’s cheap in price and it can play a lot of games like GTA V, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Tomb Raider, and many of other games we have tested on it.

Cores & Threads:

This processor Intel Core i3-7100 comes with two Cores and 4 threads which is pretty good power to handle your favorite games but member it’s a budget gaming processor. Intel Core i3-7100 comes with 3.5 GHz of the base clock and 3Mb of L3 cache which makes it faster in performing your tasks.

Intel’s Hyper Threading:

There is a feature that can help you get better core counts and more core performance which is Intel hyper-threading, yes it is available in this processor. What hyper-threading does is to put two threads in a single Core so it means that you are single core can handle double work.

No Turbo Clock:

Intel Core i5-7200U doesn’t have any Turbo clock it’s a drawback of this processor but it still comes with a good base clock speed so you won’t feel the difference maybe but if you are not running some heavy rendering things or some CPU stress programs. If we talk about the memory channels of this processor then it supports DDR4 Rams.

No Overclocking ( Locked Multiplier):

And another drawback is that the multiplier on this processor is locked so it means you can’t overclock this processor, many Gamers take big use of this feature of overclocking but if you buy this processor you can’t use this.

Little Power Consuming:

This processor Intel Core i3-7100 consumes little power because of its TDP which is only 15W.


Intel has boosted the virtualization of this processor like the apps that use this feature will perform well on this processor.

Intel Core i5-7200U


  • 4.17% faster CPU speed Than Intel Core i3-7100U
  • 31% higher PassMark Score On Single Thread As Compared To Intel Core i3-7100U
  • Comes With High Multiplier Clock Than Intel Core i3-7100U

Why You Should Buy?

  1. Cooler With Box
  2. Comes With Turbo Clock But Intel Core i3-7100U Dont have
  3. Higher Benchmarks Results
  4. Higher Base Clock Of 0.1GHz Than Intel Core i3-7100

Why You Should Not Buy

  1. High In Price On Same Price You Can Get Better AMD Processor


Low Power Consuming & 14nm Kaby-Lake CPU:

The Core i5-7200U is a laptop-based Intel processor which comes in low-power-consuming laptops. Intel launched this processor in 2016 which is based on 14nm is from the Kaby-Lake processor family of Intel.

Cores & Threads:

If we talk about the core counts and number of threads in this process then it comes with 2 cores and four Threads same as the Intel Core i3-7100U but there is some difference in their performance and one of the big differences is that it comes with Turbo clock but Intel Core i3-7100U doesn’t come with Turbo clock.

Clock Speed:

The max speed of this processor or you can say the turbo speed of this processor is 3.1 GHz the base clock of this processor The Core i5-7200U is 2.5 GHz. The core speed of both processors is almost the same but the difference is that it has a turbo clock of 3.1GHz which will help it boost the performance of your game or applications when it requires more clock speed or a clock speed above 2.5GHz.

Cooler With Box:

If you bought this processor then you will get an extra CPU cooler(Pancake Cooler) with it for free so it’s I think worthy to buy as compared to Intel Core i3-7100U.

Intel Core i3-7100u vs Intel Core i5-7200u – Comparison By Benchmarks

Benchmarks Comparison intel core i3-7100u vs intel core i5-7200u
Benchmarks Comparison intel core i3-7100u vs intel core i5-7200u
Benchmarks Comparison intel core i3-7100u vs intel core i5-7200u
Benchmarks Comparison intel core i3-7100u vs intel core i5-7200u
Benchmarks Comparison intel core i3-7100u vs intel core i5-7200u
Benchmarks Comparison intel core i3-7100u vs intel core i5-7200u

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