Intel Core i5 7300HQ vs Core i7 7700HQ: Which One is Better?

Intel Core i5 7300HQ vs Core i7 7700HQ

We here compare Core i5 7300K 2.5 GHz with Core i7 7700HQ 2.8 GHz, both have 4-Cores. here you’ll find out and will know better about their performance, gaming usage, and will give all the information for choosing the winner CPUs.

Info Intel Core i5-7300HQIntel Core i7-7700HQ
Price $834.99
ReleasedJanuary 3, 2017January 3, 2017
Launch price250 USD
instruction setx86-64x86-64
FamilyKaby LakeKaby Lake
Integrated GPUHD Graphics 630HD Graphics 630

Performance Comparison

Base Frequency2.8 GHz2.5 GHz
Turbo Boost Frequency3.8 GHz3.5 GHz
Bus frequency100 MHz
Bus Bandwidth8 GT/s8 GT/s
L1 Cache128K (per core)64K (per core)
L2 Cache256K (per core)256K (per core)
L3 Cache6MB (shared)6MB (shared)

GPU Performance

Integrated GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630
GPU Base Clock350 MHz350 MHz
GPU Boost Clock1150 MHz1150 MHz
Shading Units192192
Execution Units2424
TGP15 W15 W
Max. Resolution4096×2304 – 60 Hz4096×2304 – 60 Hz
Intel Core i5 7300HQ vs Core i7 7700HQ

Basic Comparison

Intel Core i5 7300HQ and Intel Core i7 7700HQ both are 7th generation CPUs. Both CPUs are based on Kaby Lake architecture. Core i5 7300H is 2.5 GHz, while Core i7 7700HQ is a 2.8 GHz CPU. both CPUs were released on January 3, 2017. Both CPUs have the same integrated GPU–Graphics and are 630 UHD Graphics. Here in this comparison, Core i7 7700HQ is better than Core i5 7300HQ because it’s a 2.8 GHz CPU and is advanced than Core i5 7300HQ.

Performance And Frequency Comparison

.Intel Core i7 7700HQ and Core i5 7300HQ both CPUs have 4 Cores but are different in threads. Core i7 7700HQ has 8 threads while Core i5-7300HQ has 4 Threads. The base frequency of Intel Core i7 7700HQ is 2.8 GHz while the base frequency of Core 5-7300HQ is 2.5 GHz. The turbo boost frequency of Core i7 7700HQ is 3.8 GHz while Core i5 7300HQ has 3.5 GHz. The Bus frequency of both CPUs is 100 MHz, also The bus bandwidth of both CPUs is 8 GT/s. Here in this comparison, Core i7-7700HQ is better than Core i5-7300HQ because it has more threads, Higher Turbo frequency higher bus frequency.

Power Efficiency Comparison

the chipset of both CPUs chip is 14 nm and supports an unlocked multiplier. Intel Core i7 7700HQ and Core i5-7300HQ both CPUs are power efficient 45 watts. the maximum temperature of both CPUs is 100°. Here in this comparison, both CPUs are the same.

Cache comparison

Intel Core i7 7700HQ and Intel Core i5 7300HQ both have the same amount of Level 1 Cache and are 64k (per core). Level 2 cache is also the same in both CPUs and is 256K (per core). Level 3 Cache is also the same and is 6MB (shared). Here in this comparison Core i7 7700HQ and Intel both are the same in cache size.

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