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Microsoft Launched New Gaming Headset For Xbox Users Now

Microsoft Launched New Gaming Headset
Microsoft Launched New Gaming Headset


  • Excellent design
  • Easy-to-use dials
  • Supports concurrent wireless connections
  • $99 is a great price


  • No multifunction button for controlling Bluetooth devices
  • No 3.5mm jack
  • Not compatible with non-Xbox consoles

BUY From Here: BUY

Microsoft Announces New Wired Xbox Stereo Headset:

Microsoft has exposed a new Xbox stereo headset, this is the most affordable and Budget headset. Its cost is only $59.99, and according to this price, this headphone is better than its competitors that are launched in earlier 2021. It’s a wired gaming headphone, you can easily connect it to your Xbox controller through a 3.5mm jack. this new Xbox stereo headset will be launch on 21st September 2021. It has a simple design, there is a mute button on the back of the microphone. For adjusting the volume on this headset you need to twist the dial on the right side of the ear cup. Some features are missing in this headset. Also, this headphone has a flexible microphone, the connection wire is on the right ear cup of the headphones.

Microsoft Launched New Gaming Headset
Microsoft Launched New Gaming Headset

Sound Quality:

There is no sign of audio chat, mixing dial, gaming, etc on the cup of these new headphones. But this is not a big deal, If we match it with its price, then it’s the perfect one. Also, Microsoft says that the spatial sound technology is supported by this headset, like Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, etc. technology with strong bass, They also have the feature of the clean mid and high-frequency performance, that provides surround sound to boost your gaming experience, Just like the sound quality of the Xbox wireless version, if Its sound quality is similar, so of course the Gamers will be happy with this headset, due to its price which is, so affordable only $59.99. due to microphone flexibility, you can easily move it to any angle while chatting with your friends in games with clear audio.


This headset is mainly designed for Xbox options, Microsoft designed this headset with its partner Razer and Bang & Olufsen. This new gaming headset has the same design as the wireless version launched in February 2021 for $99.9, also share some feature of its the wireless version. Microsoft says this headset has “high-quality ear cushions” also this microphone has a clean audio performance. Through a 3.5mm jack, you can not only connect it with an Xbox controller but also connect, to other devices, like tablets, phones that don’t have a dedicated headphone jack, You can use the headset from any device of your choice, connected through an adapter.

Gaming Test:

If you talk about the gaming performance of this headphone is then we have tested this at the phone on some famous games like that and Red Dead Redemption 2 Tu and GTA 5 and human organs like this and these headphones have given so good performance like so smooth and here are you with Sofia footsteps everything you can play FPS games and online games on this reference to its functions you can play format anything you want you will get no confusion wearing Enemies location and footsteps and this price you not able to get a better happen then this funny so just go for it and buy it.

Dolby Atmos:

And an extra feature of this headphone is that it will work better with the Dolby atmos if you just put on Dolby atmos and play any game with these headphones we just get super cool audio you can enjoy the game with full amazing audio and mind-blowing 3D hearings And this happens are made for this Dolby atmos like it’s this work so better with this tool so you have to just put the stored on the work if you buy this happens and just then tell us what change you God and you’re feeling have better than before.


Xbox stereo headset has a light-weight design, The headphones are made with high-quality material that is meant to last. The design is also lightweight, so the headphones don’t put pressure on your ears or head. This will make it more comfortable for you to wear the headphones for a long period of time, There is no Media control button in the middle of the long bold green wire of this headset, that can control headset audio. The bold green wire of this headset looks awesome with a black design.

Xbox stereo headset will be available worldwide on 21 September, also on retailer websites like Amazon at the price of $60.

USB Type-C And Charging:

So if you talk about the charging process of this phone so there is a USB type C port for charging on just the right side of the headphone for the ear cup of the headphone, and this type C port needs a type-A cable to charge but this I’m gonna happen if you plug the cable into the Windows 10 for the USB port of your PC that there’s nothing different you can just charge from there or anywhere on the charger remember this won’t work on MacBook devices this is only for PC is not for MacBook it won’t charge from a MacBook Device.

Battery Timing ( Wireless Only ):

Now let’s talk about the battery timing of these headphones so Microsoft just said that these headsets can work 15 hours with one charge only, and also we have just tested these headsets they worked up to 13 to 14 hours for a charge but on gaming and on videos that can work up to 15 hours so Microsoft claiming was just real. And on this much battery time, it will give you the best performance the sound will be so clear and smooth there will be nothing budgie or something if the battery comes for the charge went down a bit then we not different on the sound of the headphone and the quality of the audio, and also Microsoft said that these headphones have so fast charging ability like if you charge them for 30 minutes they will work for 4 hours like there so energy saver and time saver headsets


Now let’s talk about the price of the headphones so it starts from $99 and this price is so perfect and good like it isn’t expensive and the performance is also so better compared to this price Microsoft has done some good work for the Xbox users.

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