AMD EPYC-7763 – 128 Threads Gaming Processor Full Review

AMD EPYC-7763 Review
AMD EPYC-7763 Review

AMD EPYC-7763 Specifications

InfoAMD EPYC-7763
Base Clock Speed2.45 GHz
Architecture of CPUZen 3 / Milan By AMD
Release DateMarch 15, 2021
L1 cache4 MB
L2 cache32 MB
L3 cache256 MB
Processor Technology7 nm+
Maximum Clock Speed/Turbo3.5 GHz
Number of cores64 Cores
Number of threads128 Threads
Max memory/RAM channels8
Maximum memory bandwidth190 GB/s
Maximum Supported RAM4000GB/4TB
RAM Speed/Frequency3200MHz
Supported RAM TypesDDR4-3200
PCIe lanes128
PCI Express Version4.0
Thermal Design Power (TDP)280W
Multiplier UnlockedYes
Multiplier Version24.5x
Rank in all ProcessorsNumber 1
Release PriceUSD $7,890
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Features & Technology:

Advanced vector extensions

Yes, Available.

Amd AMD-V Technology


Amd Secure Encrypted Virtualization Technology


AMD Secure Memory Encryption Technology


AMD Sensemi Technology


AMD Transparent Secure Memory Encryption Technology


ECC Memory Support


Locked Clock Multiplier


Simultaneous Multithreading


AMD EPYC-7763 Review
AMD EPYC-7763 Review

AMD EPYC-7763 Review and Details

AMD EPYC 7763 is right now the world’s number one ranked processor but it’s not a normal desktop processor actually it is a server-based processor which is developed for server computers to do heavy tasks and perform Always At the peak. This AMD EPYC 7763 processor is released on 15 March 2021 by AMD which is a Zen 3 e architecture and it is 7nm+ technology. It comes with superfast performing interiors like it is built completely superb that’s why it is ranked on first in the world most powerful processors right now.

20% faster than any other processor in the world:

AMD claimed that this processor is gonna perform 20% more than any other high-rated processor you can compare this processor with any other Intel Xeon processor AMD said that it can perform 20% higher is it will.

Cooling Systems:

This processor of AMD doesn’t come with any liquid nitrogen, water cooling, or liquid cooling system it only comes with air cooling because AMD they have made this processor so different than other processors.

Core Performance:

AMD EPYC-7763 comes with a 2.45 GHz of base clock speed and it also has a Turbo clock which is 3.5 GHz but the main thing is the number of cores in this processor which is 64 cores and it has 128 threads. The architecture of this processor is Zen 3  and the technology is used in this chip is 7nm+.


Let’s talk about the memory details of this processor it can support up to 4TB or 4000 GB of DDR4 RAM which is like an infinite number of RAM. The thermal design power or TDP of this processor is 280W and TDP down is 225W, actually, it’s a workstation processor that’s why everything is built up in so many exceeding numbers. It comes with the PC version of 4.0 and the multiplier is unlocked which comes in a version of 24.5x.


  AMD EPYC 7763  Vs  Other CPU
AMD EPYC 7763 Vs Other CPU
InfoAMD EPYC 7643 AMD EPYC 7763
Max TDP225W280W
Power Usage / Day0.5 kWh0.6 kWh
Usage Cost / Day$0.113$0.140
Power Usage / Year164.3204.4
Usage Cost / Year$41.06$51.10

Cache Memory:

The cache memory is the most important and necessary thing for speeding up the performance of any PC or processor so we all can just guess this AMD EPYC-7763 gonna come with a lot of cache memory, it comes with a 4 Mb of L1 cache 32 MB of L2 cache and 256 MB of L3 cache.

AMD EPYC-7763 Review
AMD EPYC-7763 Review

AMD Official Web Page: AMD EPYC 7763

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